Passport America Club

Passport America Club –

  • COST: $44 annually
  • CAMPGROUNDS COVERAGE: Campgrounds in USA | Canada | Mexico at a 50% discount
  • PLATFORM: Discount Network … including USA | Canada | Mexico
  • AFFILIATIONS: RV America Magazine
  • BENEFITS & FEATURES: Passport America is a 50% Discount Camping Club, having established their concept in 1992 … they offer access to over 1900 campgrounds across the US, Canada, and Mexico, with new parks joining daily
  • MAGAZINE: None
  • COMMENTS: In love with the Passport America Club? Got a happy story to tell? Have you got any sage advice to share? Do you know something that you wish someone had told you? Leave a comment below!
  • INFO FRESHNESS: Info current as of 2014-05-01


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